Dipl. -Ing. Willy Claude Makend

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at LReply GmbH

Senior Consultant Adobe Experience Cloud
former Software Engineer at Mercedes benz Bank AG
former Software Engineer at Volkswagen AG


Dipl. -Ing. Willy Claude Makend is currently CTO at LReply (A market research company specializing in product differentiation studies).

Makend spent 4 years as the Chief Software Architect for the management of multi-dimensional supplier evaluation in two of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

The prize for the Entrepreneur of the Future 2023 in the field of "Market Research" from Economics and Energy Minister A.D. Brigitte Zypries.

He spent several years in several internationally renowned companies (Linkedin), in various sectors such as chemistry, the mechanical industry, e-commerce in the field of logistics.

I had the pleasure of being invited, as a VIP, to an exclusive experience the following day, October 18, at the New York Stock Exchange.

His research interests include customer behavior, online Marketing, database systems, Software engineering, Operating Systems, Supplier Database Systems, Storage systems, Network Management, Distributed Systems.

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He speaks fluent English, German, French. Willy Claude Makend currently lives in Stuttgart (Germany).

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Contact Info
Tel: +49 152 52124644

@: wmakend@gmail.com


General Interests
Product testing, Prototype testing, Product Evaluation, Data structures and algorithmus, Software Engineering, Web Technologies

Books to be recommend

Intrduction to Management Science: Bernard W. Taylor, III
Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation, Global : Sunil Chopra
Web Services Essentials - Distributed Applications with XML-RPC, SOAP, UDDI & WSDL: Ethan Cerami


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The New York Times
Harvard Business Manager

Fortune 500